JM Boutique + Kassy On Design present ‘Local Girl’!

A collaboration all about Women supporting Women. We are all ‘local’ to somewhere. Kassy & Megan (along with so many other amazing women) grew up in Walker, La with dreams much bigger than even they knew how to achieve. But with support and hands on help from so many ‘Local Girls’ we’ve seen our dreams start to grow and flourish.

We don’t want it to stop there. Our mission is to unite Women and invite them to be a part of something bigger. ‘Local Girl’ is all about a sisterhood of women who want to see everyone succeed. Your success is our success and our achievements, we want to share with you!

Being a ‘Local Girl’ is about much more than location. It’s about a sisterhood and a community. Wear your ‘Local Girl’ Tee with pride and when you run into another local girl, give them a smile, a wave, and a ‘ YOU GO, GIRL’!

In this community, we shamelessly plug our girlfriend’s local business, we blow up their comment section with compliments, we send encouraging messages, and we SHOW UP to support their endeavors! Sometimes encouragement and support doesn’t cost us a dime but it means the WORLD to someone else.

Local Girl’s have to stick together!