JM is honored to be teaming up with R Brand to benefit the Specially Gifted Foundation

How different would our world be if each person was received and accepted, always, despite their differences? If those differences were celebrated rather than judged? If each person was considered equal, able, worthy?

These are the changes Ricevi was created on, to inspire the world.

At JM we are here to inspire & love, to be a light, this is a brand that speaks to our hearts. How beautiful our world is when we choose to spread love.

R Brands is on a mission to empower people to celebrate their differences and differences of others. We are in! ⭐️ What a beautiful mission.

All proceeds from the purchase of these stylish tees will go directly to benefit the Specially Gifted Foundation,

A foundation very close to our hearts, available in store. ✨

Celebrating Differences Collection
Celebrating Differences Collection 2